Custom Homes vs. Condos

Custom Homes vs. Condos

Build a Custom Home or Find a Condo in Fenton & Brighton, MI

Building Junkies understands that different housing arrangements are right for different people. Our home remodeling specialists in Fenton, MI can craft you a wonderful home whether you choose to live in one of our custom homes or one of our condos.

Condos in our community have access to a beautiful wooded area and a walking path along the river. We can add upgrades to newer condos to make it perfect for you.

The homeowners’ association offers luxurious, resort-like amenities, such as:

  • Swimming pools and spas where you can relax
  • Volleyball, tennis and basketball courts for exercise
  • Barbecue areas in case you want to grill out
  • Jogging and walking trails so you can take in the scenery
  • Guards that can accept deliveries while you’re out

Call today to see if a condo is the right move for you.

Decide between a condo or a custom home in Fenton & Brighton, MI

One of our custom homes in Fenton, MI may suit you better than a condo. When you order a custom home, you have complete control over the property and what you add to it. You also have more space in a house than in a condo, which makes it great for larger families with pets.

When you live in a custom house, you draw your sense of community from the neighbors around you. When you live in a condo complex, you make friends with the people upstairs, downstairs and on either side of you.

Once you decide which option you prefer, call Building Junkies immediately to start building the next chapter of your life.