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Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel

A cost-effective way to improve your home, a kitchen remodel will not only make mealtimes more pleasant, but kitchen remodels typically pay off long-term by improving the value of your property. Some benefits to consider before remodeling your kitchen:

  • Safety: Old appliances can malfunction or cause major damage and injury. Replacing these worn out machines when remodeling will prevent these possible issues. Indirectly, installing appliances into the wall (such as with an oven or microwave) will improve its everyday usability and prevent injuries from strain. 
  • Comfort: New kitchens can improve your comfort in many ways. An island in the kitchen, for example, can provide increased and easily-accessible prep space as well as doubling as an eating space. Improved ventilation, adding more windows to increase natural light, and expanding the footprint of the kitchen space are additional ways to make time spent in the kitchen better for the user.
  • ROI: Kitchen remodels typically have the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) and you can potentially recoup up to 70% of your kitchen renovation costs. Updated kitchens also attract house hunters if you plan to sell. 
  • Aesthetics: The #1 reason most people want to renovate a kitchen is to improve the way it looks. A fresh, clean cooking environment improves your home's overall look. Whether your kitchen is currently stuck in the 1980s or is a jungle of misplaced cabinets, our team can work to ensure a visually-appealing space. 
  • Eco-Friendliness: Remodeling and selecting energy-efficient, sustainable products and finishes will help your kitchen be more eco-friendly. Low-flow faucents, recycled materials such as salvaged wood, and bamboo floors are all great choices. Look for Energy Star labels on your appliances! 

Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

Much like the benefits of remodeling your kitchen, a bathroom remodel has many advantages. In addition to increased property value, energy efficiency, and increasing square footage, a bathroom remodel will:

  • Correct any bathroom issues you may be experiencing (ex: poor layout, leaking fixtures, cracked titles, old flooring)
  • Increase your storage space with proper planning
  • Increase the luxury (bring the spa HOME)

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